Refugees in Extended Exile: Living on the Edge

Jennifer Hyndman, Wenona Giles Routledge, Oct 4, 2016 This book argues that the international refugee regime and its ‘temporary’ humanitarian interventions have failed. Most refugees across the global live in ‘protracted’ conditions that extend from years to decades, without legal status that allows them to work and establish a home. It is contended that they […]

Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones

Wenona Mary Giles, Jennifer Hyndman University of California Press, 2004 - Science Insightfully and lucidly maps the gendered contours of militarized conflict, from war zones to refugee camps, and across continents as diverse as Africa, South Asia, Central America and Europe. This exciting book provides a variety of incisive feminist critiques of ethnic-nationalism, disputes over […]