In Conversation: “Nothing About Us Without Us”
Jennifer Hyndman and Ilse Helbrecht at the Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles. Photo: Nikolai Blaumer

Jennifer Hyndman is a Professor and currently serves as Associate Vice-President of Research. She is also Past Director of the Centre for Refugee Studies at York.

Hyndman’s research focuses on 1) conflict, human displacement, and the geopolitics of humanitarian response and refugee protection; and 2) refugee settlement, participation and social inclusion in Canada. Current research projects probe a) how private refugee sponsorship is sustained over time in Canadian communities; 2) the motivations of sponsors and the meanings they attach to the work they do (is private voluntary sponsorship particularly Canadian?), with A. Macklin (P.I.) and other co-investigators; and 3) the social determinants of well-being and integration of Syrians who came after November 2015, with M. Hynie (P.I.) and others in BC, Ontario and Quebec. For more information see research interests.

(P.I.Hyndman 2017-2023)
Probing private refugee resettlement in Canada: long-term sponsors and their communities – a research project